Longnose Gar Fish & Longnose Gar Fish Pics

 Longnose gar fish fishing
 Longnose gar fish pics
 Longnose gar fish images
Longnose gar fish pics
Longnose gar ranges in length from 60–182 cm (24–72 in) and weighs 0.5–3.5 kg (1.1–7.7 lb); The world record is 50.31 pounds, caught in Trinity River, Texas in 1954; FishBase reports a maximum size of 2 m (6.6 ft). Average life span is 17- 20 years. The snout is elongated into a narrow beak containing many large teeth. longnose gar is found in rivers and lakes throughout the eastern half of the United States, as far north as southern Quebec and extreme southern Ontario in the Great Lakes and as far south as northern Mexico. They are more often captured by specialized methods that entangle the teeth in nylon threads, by bowfishing, or by spearfishing.
If angling for gar, a small circle hook should be used, allowing the gar several minutes with it. The circle hook will prevent any serious injury to the gar, as it is designed to catch only in the corner of the mouth.


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