Hawfinch & Hawfinch Pictures and Hawfinch Drinking Water

About Of  Hawfinch Bird
The Hawfinch has a total length of 16.5–18 cm, and its wingspan ranges from 29 cm to 33 cm. It weights approximately 48–62 cm. Females are usually smaller and weigh less than males. It's a robust bird with a thick neck, large round head and a wide, strong conical beak with a metallic appearance. It has short pinkish legs with a light hue and it has a short tail. It has brown eyes. The males' plumage is much more appealing than the females'. The overall colour is light brown, its head having an orange hue to it. Its eyes have a black circe around them, extending to its beak and surrounding it at its edge. Its throat is also black. The sides of its neck, as well as the back of its neck are gray. The upper side of its wings are a deep black colou. The wings also have three stripes from approximately the middle till their sides: a white, a brown and a blue stripe.


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