chitral national park pakistan

Chitral National Park is one of the national parks of Pakistan. It is located in Gol valley and Kafir Kalash land of Chitral District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan beside the Chitral River, at a distance of two hours drive from Chitral city. The park is also known as Chitral Gol National Park. The word Gol in the local language means 'the valley'. The status of the park has been in dispute since and has become the issue of ongoing litigation between His Highness and the Government of Pakistan.In September it rains more on the spectacular peaks surrounding the park. However, in November the rainfall is more in the valleys and on the lower peaks .There is also a session of snowfall during the winter season. The snow covered white peaks also enhance the beauty till June. After which it starts melting. The general weather is cold and dry.


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