snail zombies

His theory is based on the strange life cycle of the parasitic flatworm.

Worm eggs unknowingly ingested by the Amber Snail hatch in the snails digestive track. The larva then change into sporocysts, causing drastic mutations in the snail’s brain and physiology. Healthy snails seek darkness to hide from predators, but the infected Amber Snail moves itself into dangerous open space and light. It is also helpless to retract its newly swollen, pulsating tentacles.
The end result is that feeding birds mistake the exposed tentacles for a caterpillar or grub, and rip them off the snail’s defenseless head. The flatworm then grows to maturity inside the bird, laying eggs that are released in droppings for new snails to consume.
parasitic worm that infects humans, causing our aggressive tendancies to explode, resulting in an uncontrolable urge to bite other people. The worm would quickly spread through saliva to new hosts, thereby quickly launching a global zombie plague. The rest of his family was excruciatingly bland as well, down to their bilateral symmetry and their little snail feet, used for locomotion. Unfortunately, Moses' singular foot did him no good, considering they never went anywhere cool.

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