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in the world stocks of cod due to overfishing, other white fish may be used instead, sometimes labelled as such, and sometimes still misleadingly called "salt cod", so the term has become to some extent a generic name. Cod which has been dried without the addition of salt is called stockfish.
Salt cod has been commonly produced in Canada, Iceland, Norway and Portugal for over 500 years. It forms a traditional ingredient of the cuisine of many countries around the Atlantic. Traditionally it was dried outdoors by the wind and sun, but today it is usually dried indoors with the aid of electric heaters.Traditionally salt cod was made exclusively of cod. After the collapse of the Grand Banks (and other) cod stocks due to overfishing, some products sold as salt cod are in fact other whitefish, such as pollock, haddock, blue whiting, ling and tusk.Traditionally the fish was sun-dried on rocks or wooden frames, but today it is mainly dried indoors by electrical heating. It is sold whole or in portions, with or without bones
salt fish
salt fish

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