5 World's Most Deadliest Snakes & Top 5 Most Deadliest Snake Pics

Death Adder - Acanthophis Antarcticus :
Size : To 40-50Cm
Distribution : Most Of Australia Except Central Desert Region
Habitat : Dry , Rocky , Or Scrubby Places
Food : Small Mammals , Birds And Reptiles , It Uses The Tip Of Its Tail To Lure The Prey To Within Striking Distance
Breeding : Live-Bearing
Appearance : Broad , Triangular Head , Short Tail , Colors Grey To Brown Or Red , It Has A Number Of Irregular Crossbands Over The Body
Inland Taipan Or Fierce Snake - Oxyuranus Microlepidotus
Size : To 2M
Distribution : Central Australia
Habitat : Dry Plains And Grasslands
Food : Frogs , Small Mammals
Breeding : Egg-Laying
Appearance : Brown Or Olive Colors , Black Markings On The Head Or Uniformly Black Head
World's Number 1 Venomous Snake
King Brown Snake - Pseudechis Australis
Size : To 2M
Distribution : Whole Australia
Habitat : Forests To Deserts
Food : Frogs , Small Mammals
Breeding : Live-Bearing
Appearance : Dark Reddish To Brown Colors , The Colors Become Paler On The Sides And Undersides
Black Tiger Snake - Notechis Ater
Size : To 1.2M
Distribution : Australia : Tasmania , Islands In The Bass Strait
Habitat : Rocky Places , Dunes , Beaches , Tussock Grass
Food : Small Mammals , Frogs , Seabird Chicks
Breeding : Live-Bearing
Appearance : Large Body , Usually Black Sometimes Has Traces Of Lighter Crossbands, When Alarmed It May Spread Its Neck.
The King Cobra :
Weight : 6 kg (13.2 lb)
Distribution : South and South-east Asia
Size : length up to 5.6 m (18.5 ft)
Diet : The King Cobra's diet is mainly composed of other snakes
Habitat : It lives in dense highland forests,[1][7], preferring areas dotted with lakes and streams.


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