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Grey Nurse Shark and an endangered species. Young sharks develop in the uterus to eat each other so that only 1 or 2 sharks are born. To assist in breeding, scientists develop artificial insemination. This shark are lazy and like to hide in goa2 during the day, and become active at night to find food. Currently, 64 attacks were recorded with 2 deaths. Sharks are found worldwide in deep sea areas, and the sharks are most often hunted. It is estimated that they killed up to 10 or 20 million per year. People used to eat meat, fins to make soup, made of leather for garments, and his heart to take the oil. Sharks are known to attack fishing boats and divers. This shark is known as one of the most dangerous sharks are found all over the world including the area of warm waters, rivers, and lakes. They can survive in salty and fresh waters. They hunt alone and swim in shallow water areas and can look benign when you see it, but they can change their behavior very quickly become violent! They breed in summer and can give birth to 13 young sharks. Great White Shark can be found in coastal waters with temperatures between 54-74 degrees Fahrenheit. Sharks are generally able to grow to 13 or 16 feet. They like to eat the seals and otters, but sometimes they'll swallow anything that they can not digest. They have a different pectoral fin, because the fin is much larger than most shark fins. Sharks are usually looking for food to swim among a group of small fish and eat it. When looking for a meal with friends, this shark being aggressive. This Sharks are valuable to humans because the fins can be made a delicious soup and the meat is usually eaten

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