box jellyfish sting & injuries

Scientific Name : Chironex flecker . sea wasp can weight as much as 2 kg. The tentacles are armed with up to 5,000 nematocysts, or stinging cells. Certain chemicals on the surface of fish, shellfish and humans activate these. Contact with only 3 m of tentacles may be fatal for an adult. Jellyfish reproduce near from the Australian coast, most stronger chemical killer in the Animals Kingdom means stronger than any creature on earth, can kill an adult within 180 seconds (three minutes). Mean if a person didn't received first aid near the coast he is dead for sure . I noticed Rachel wasn't breathing anymore and she was turnibluthat's when I started CPR," he said.
A box jellyfish can kill an adult in less than four minutes.
Rachel's family say doctors are amazed at her recovery.
Earlier in the week they were thinking of possible skin grafts for injuries on her arms and legs.
Rachel is hoping to be out of hospital in time for Christmas but Sam says they will not be venturing far from the backyard pool from now on. The venom of box jellyfish has cardiotoxic, neurotoxic and highly dermatonecrotic components. When injected, it is rapidly absorbed into the circulation. The pain is excruciating; the tentacles become sticky and adhere tightly to the skin. Any attempt at removal of the tentacles while they are still active may worsen the sting and lead to great injuries. Severe stings result in necrosis of the affected skin area. When the tentacles become inactive, they can be safely removed. (The application of vinegar is not intended to decrease pain or diminish the effects of the venom; it will only stop further discharging of nematocysts). In case of respiratory or cardiovascular failure, basic life support such as artificial respiration and cardiac massage is necessary.
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